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    never thought about that when microwaving pizza. i guess it would work for other foods too

    This is life changing.

    Actually, don’t do the last one with the vacuum, vacuums can create an electric shock that will fry the electronic piece of equipment that you are trying to clean, instead, just use pressurized air in a can. The more you know…

    Except plastic isn’t a good conductor and wouldn’t apply if you do it with the cap on and doesn’t always apply anyway

    These comments are so confusing when you haven’t read the post

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It’s a band shirt kind of day🎵

Every day is a band shirt kind of day.



    It’s a band shirt kind of day🎵

    Every day is a band shirt kind of day.

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this is so important


    this is so important

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    many people believe exercise should ‘reflect’ your age. my acupuncturist actually told me too much exercise can ‘exhaust’ my ‘stamina’ as if each person is only allotted certain amount for a lifetime!

    My tissue culture professor was once discussing about cells having a limited set of times it could divide until it actually stops and dies or becomes cancerous and continues forever. and he then took this approach into saying that animals that are warm blood in average tend to live less than cold blooded animals. There’s also a tendency of fast naturally beating hearts or a faster metabolism have a shorter life span. He concluded the class saying we human beings might even have a limited number of heartbeats! This means that more exercise and faster metabolism doesnt necesarily mean better, mostly if it goes to an extreme


    Except that lots of good exercise will increase cardio fitness, so your heart will actually beat slower, so the small amount of elevated heartbeat is pretty damn worth it to have a slower heartbeat the rest of the time

    this is interesting but how many people, percentage-wise have died of heart failure? it seems that people do not live up to the potential longevity.

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    Feminism is knowing that you don’t have to wear things to impress a man

    Feminism is also knowing that it’s okay to wear things to impress a man if you want to

    Society forgets the first part, tumblr forgets the second part

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    I’d love to see #3 & #5 produced.

    #4 Seems interesting too.

    I need a Treasure Planet sequel like I need air.

    they already adapted “the princess and the pea” as “once upon a mattress” it’s actually quite funny (although live-action, not animated)

    peter pan already has a sequel featuring wendy’s daughter

    as for the prequels and remakes, I won’t comment. the one about roger rabbit tho, that one does pique my interest.

    Another Treasure Planet (as long as it’s well done and has Joseph Gordon Levitt again) would be amazing. You can never have too much Jim Hawkins o(^_-)O

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